Samira Tenun Polosan Dress

IDR 113,700.00 379,000.00
Samira Tenun Polosan Dress 1 1
Tenun Polosan - Handwoven
Material :Cotton
Color : Red

Features :
Short Sleeves, back zipper, mandarin collar, 6 medium bottoms at front

Size : S (Small)
Shoulder : 37 cm - Bust : 82 cm - Waist : 74 cm - Hips : 96 cm - Lenght : 101 cm

Made in Indonesia

Washing Instructions :
-Wash separately
-Hand wash only
-no machine wash
-Use Only Batik Cleaner (Lerak) or hair shampoo
-Do not wash using detergent
-Do not bleach
-Do not run over or squeezing roughly
-Back when drying clothes (outer part inside)
-Drying in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight

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