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Introducing Malayeka Set Mukena, handmade with traditional batik stamp technique by local craftmen in Pekalongan, Central Java. This mukena is Made from the good quality material to ensure your comfort.
Completed with simply beautiful pouch to make it easy to carry it anywhere or inside your bag.

Batik Cap Pekalongan
Motif : Floral

Colors : Sapphire Blue & Orange

Material : Premium Rayon

Satu set Madha Malayeka Mukena Travel Batik Cap terdiri dari:

– Atasan yang dilengkapi dengan tali pada kepala. Dilengkapi aksen renda putih pada sekeliling wajah dan bawah. Panjang atasan 128 cm.
– Bawahan dengan karet di pinggang. Panjang bawahan 120 cm,
– Mukena Malayeka travel menggunakan tas handbag batik cap dengan motif senada dengan atasan mukena, dengan kancing di bagian depan. Ukuran handbag panjang 27 cm, lebar 24 cm.

*Products may vary in colors because all of our Product are handmade and through traditional Batik proccess.

Made in Indonesia

Washing Instructions :
-Wash separately
-Hand wash only
-no machine wash
-Use Only Batik Cleaner (Lerak) or hair shampoo
-Do not wash using detergent
-Do not bleach
-Do not run over or squeezing roughly
-Back when drying clothes (outer part inside)
-Drying in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight

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