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Jumputan Pelangi Palembang, hadir dalam dress panjang nan cantik dengan model loose flowy dress, cocok untuk pengguna size apapun.

Jumputan Sutra Palembang

Material : Sutra

Warna : Putih berpadu aneka warna cerah di bagian bawah dress

Size : Free Size

Panjang Bahu : 41 m - Panjang Dress : 170 cm

Tinggi Model Peraga : 177 cm

Berat Produk : 0,3 kg


Jumputan Sutra Palembang

Material : Silk

Color : White with colorful Jumputan at bottom dress

Features :

a square form flowy long dress, loose fitted dress perfect for most womens size.

Size : All Size

Measurements :

Shoulder : 41 cm - Lenght : 170 cm

Model : 177 cm

Wieght : 0,3 kg

Made in Indonesia

Washing Instructions :
-Wash separately
-Hand wash only
-no machine wash
-Use Only Batik Cleaner (Lerak) or hair shampoo
-Do not wash using detergent
-Do not bleach
-Do not run over or squeezing roughly
-Back when drying clothes (outer part inside)
-Drying in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight

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