IDR 329,000.00


Men's Hibiscus shirt, made of good quality materials with Traditional Hand-stamped Batik technique
Hibiscus motif simbolizes charms, royalty, and hospitality.
Tailored in simple cutting, it's a suitable outfit for work, a garden-themed casual wedding party, or just wear it wherever and whenever you're comfort.

You can also match it with people you love, just check out our Sarong Lilit Hibiscus.

Batik Cap Pekalongan / Traditional Hand-stamped Batik technique
Motif : Hibiscus
Color : Dark Green
Material : cotton fabric

S -- Chest : 54 cm, Shoulder : 47 cm, Sleeve : 24 cm, Length : 72 cm
M --Chest : 57 cm, Shoulder : 50 cm, Sleeve : 25 cm, Length : 75 cm
L -- Chest : 60 cm, Shoulder : 54 cm, Sleeve : 26 cm, Length : 77 cm

Weight : 3000 gr


Kemeja Batik Pria motif Hibiscus, dibuat dari material kain yang berkualitas melalui proses membatik dengan tehnik batik cap.  
Motif Hibiscus melambangkan daya tarik /pesona, royalti dan juga keramah tamahan.
Dijahit dalam potongan yang simpel, kemeja ini cocok dikenakan di kantor, resepsi pernikahan bertema taman yang kasual. atau kapanpun di saat santai Anda.

Anda juga bisa mempadu padankan kemeja ini dengan outfit  orang orang yang Anda cintai, silahkan dilihat koleksi Sarong Lilit Hibiscus kami.

Batik Cap Pekalongan
Motif : Hibiscus
Warna : Dark Green
Material : Katun 

S -- Dada : 54 cm, Bahu : 47 cm, Lengan : 24 cm, Panjang : 72 cm
M --Dada : 57 cm, Bahu : 50 cm, Lengan: 25 cm, Panjang : 75 cm
L -- Dada : 60 cm, Bahu : 54 cm, Lengan: 26 cm, Panjang : 77 cm

Berat : 3000 gr



*Products may vary in colors, because all of our Product are handmade and through traditional Batik proccess

Washing Instructions :
- Wash separately
- Hand wash only 
- no machine wash
- Use Only Batik Cleaner (Lerak) or hair shampoo
- Do not wash using detergent.
- Do not bleach
- Do not run over or squeezing roughly 
- Back when drying clothes (outer part inside) 
- Drying in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight

*The color shown may be influenced by the settings of your computer or monitor. We cannot guarantee that your monitor`s display of any color will be accurate