Di Kala Malam Outer

IDR 439,000.00
Di Kala Malam Outer 1 1

Presenting : Di Kala Malam Outer, part of our Membumi Vo.2 collection.

Inspired by wild roses in the garden, beautiful, fierce, and free.

Presents in black colour to resemble the nights, a reminder that even in the absent of lights, we still can see beauty

Handmade with traditional batik stamp technique by local artisan, This medium sleeves Outer has loose style, so you can move freely and always look beautiful. Also available in long sleeves in limited sotck.

Wear it on your comfort moment.

Batik Cap Pekalongan
Motif : Wild Roses flowers with vines and Batik Dots

Material : Paris cotton fabric

Color : Midnight Black

SIZE : Free Size
Shoulder : 39 cm - Lenght :103 cm (front), 120 cm (back)

Medium Sleeve : 35 cm
Long Sleeves : 55 cm

Weight : 0,3 kg


Memperkenalkan : Di Kala Malam Outer, bagian dari koleksi Membumi Vol.2

Terinspirasi dari bunga mawar yang tumbuh liar di taman, cantik namun tangguh dan bebas. Hadir dalam warna hitam yangDibuat secara handmade oleh para pengrajin batik Pekalongan dengan melalui proses membatik secara tradisional dengan tehnik Batik Cap. 

Outer panjang berlengan medium ini memiliki warna midnight black yang menenangkan namun sangat mempesona. Memiliki model loose, sehingga Anda dapat bergerak dengan bebas dan tampil cantik. 
Anda dapat memakainya di momen momen relax Anda. 
Tersedia juga Outer lengan panjang

Batik Cap Pekalongan
Motif : Bunga Wild rose dengan akar rambat, motif titik empat

Material : Katun Paris

Warna : Midnight Black

SIZE : Free Size
Bahu : 39 cm - Panjang Outer :103 cm (depan), 120 cm (belakang)

Medium Sleeves Panjang Lengan : 35 cm

Long Sleeves Panjang Lengan : 55 cm

Berat : 0,3 kg


Crafted in Indonesia

*Products may vary in colors, shapes and forms because all of our Product are handmade by unique artisans and through traditional Batik Proccess.

Washing Instructions : 
-Wash separately 
-Hand wash only 
-no machine wash 
-Use Only Batik Cleaner (Lerak) or hair shampoo 
-Do not wash using detergent 
-Do not bleach 
-Do not run over or squeezing roughly 
-Back when drying clothes (outer part inside) 
-Drying in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight 

*The color shown may be influenced by the settings of your computer or monitor. We cannot guarantee that your monitor`s display of any color will be accurate