Di Kala Hujan Outer

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Inspired by the stunning tropical flower known as the Bird of Paradise, symbolizes freedom and always on the move (due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight), magnificence, excellence and success.

Handmade with traditional hand-stamped technique by local batik artisan in Pekalongan - Central Java, this 3/4 sleeves and long outer kimono shaped has  two alluring natural colors, Tranquil Midnight Blue and Natural Brown color.

Made of loose and soft fabric to ensure you can move freely. Warm enough to be  worn on rainy and windy days, but still comfort when the days turn warmer.

Batik Cap Pekalongan

Motif : Bird of Paradise flowers in the rain.

Material : Paris cotton fabric

Color : Tranquil Midnight Blue & Natural Brown

SIZE : Free Size
Shoulder : 39 cm - Length : 83 cm (front), 105 cm (back)
Sleeve : 47 cm

Weight : 0,300 kg


Di Kala Hujan Outer, terinspirasi dari bunga tropikal yang sangat memikat, Bird Of Paradise, yang menggambarkan kebebasan - seperti burung
 yang terbang di angkasa -, & keindahan -proses bertumbuh yang indah dalam kehidupan,  yang terbalut di dalam garis hujan penuh keberkahan.

Dibuat handmade oleh para pengrajin batik Pekalongan dengan melalui proses membatik secara tradisional dengan tehnik Batik Cap.

Outer panjang dengan bentuk kimono dan lengan 3/4 ini memiliki dua warna, tranquil midnight blue dan natural brown.

Terbuat dari bahan yang ringan dan lembut, sehingga Anda dapat bergerak dengan bebas. Cukup hangat untuk dipakai saat hujan, namun tetap nyaman saat hari menjadi hangat

Batik Cap Pekalongan
Motif : Bunga Bird Of Paradise di dalam hujan

Material : Katun Paris

Warna : Tranquil Midnight Blue & Natural Brown

SIZE : Free Size
Bahu : 39 cm - Panjang Outer :83 cm (depan), 105 cm (belakang)
Panjang Lengan : 47 cm

Berat : 0,300 kg


Made in Indonesia

*Products may vary in colors, shapes and forms because all of our Product are handmade by unique artisans and through traditional Batik Proccess.

Washing Instructions : 
-Wash separately 
-Hand wash only 
-no machine wash 
-Use Only Batik Cleaner (Lerak) or hair shampoo 
-Do not wash using detergent 
-Do not bleach 
-Do not run over or squeezing roughly 
-Back when drying clothes (outer part inside) 
-Drying in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight 

*The color shown may be influenced by the settings of your computer or monitor. We cannot guarantee that your monitor`s display of any color will be accurate