Question 1: Do you shipped worldwide?

Yes we do! Here is some useful information regarding our international transaction:

- price is in IDR. You can convert to your country currency via google.

- payment can be made using paypal, and will be counted in USD.

- Shipping will be made H+2 after payment (if you pay today, we will ship your package the day after tomorrow).
- Our shipping cargo is EMS by Pos Indonesia

Please contact@gayamadha.com for more info

- You can track your package status from the tracking number (that we give after the shipping is done) at website:


Question 2: For the Sold Out Product, Can I Re-Order?

Yes, Some of our products are available for Re-Order . Please contact us - contact@gayamadha.com for the details & option of the available Kain (Motif, Color)

Question 3: Can I return the goods after I receive it?

Depends on the reason. We only accept return if it's damaged when you receive it, and return should be made within 7 days after received.